Sunday, January 1, 2012

jan 1

I'll admit, I am a lazy photograher. But it's a new year and I'm feeling inspired by a friend to participate in a picture-a-day blog challenge. Let's see where this "take more pictures" thing leads.

I'm working through my certification requirements to become a childbirth educator. It's a big goal of mine for this year. I had planned to get a few book reports done, maybe some interviews too, this past week while my husband was home from work, but alas. With everybody home, and my son completely madly in love with his new/used model train set, here's pretty much what the week looked like:


  1. what a beautiful photo! so classic looking.

    and this was so worth putting the certification requirements aside for a bit. although i really need to get on those myself! i would love to have "a few book reports" as a realistic goal--ha! i did think about how maybe this sitting around w newborn business might actually be a good time to read some of the requirements.

    so glad you're on this photo (and educator) journey w me...

  2. Love the concentration on the kiddo :) Also like your tones - nice processing. Very vintage looking. What a lovely start to your year and to your new project.